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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TravelArt?

Travel Art offers unique, themed tours to different destinations around the world! It is an affiliate company of Journeys of Faith, which specializes in pilgrimages. Based on our more than 15 years of travel agency experience, we place a premium on value and customer satisfaction.


We know you’re busy and sometimes you just can’t find the right travel date among all the group tours that are being offered out there that fits your schedule. And that’s what a GUARANTEED DEPARTURE is for! You select a destination, choose your preferred dates and like magic… your slot can be confirmed! We have partnered with the best suppliers that provide high quality unique tours at fair rates. Plus! You will have a chance to meet new friends as you will be joined by other nationalities around the world!

I want to join a tour. What is the next step?

You may contact our travel coordinators by email, phone, and FB. You will need to pay the nonrefundable deposit to ensure that you will be given a slot in the group.

What travel documents do I need to join?

The first requirement is a valid passport with at least a 6-month validity from the time of departure. Our travel coordinators will inform you of the other travel document requirements (i.e. visa)

I am based outside the Philippines. Can I still join your tours?

Yes! In fact, we have a lot of pilgrims who come from other countries. We will offer you the cost of the land arrangement and we will advise you on which flights to take from your country.

I am traveling alone. Who will be my roommate?

No need to worry. We will match you with someone of the same gender, someone as close as possible to your age.

What are the inclusions and exclusions of the tour?

The inclusions and exclusions each pilgrimage group varies. Please refer to the detailed itineraries for the inclusions and exclusions.

What currency do you use for your trips?

Our rates are quoted in US Dollars. You may also pay in Philippine Pesos but the exchange rate will be based on the day's airline rate.

How will I apply for visa? (note: only applicable for countries needing visa)

If you decide to avail of our visa assistance service, we will definitely guide you throughout your visa application process.

What happens when the minimum number of participants is not met?

We always try our best to ensure that all our scheduled groups depart. There might be instances that we will modify the program so that supplements are avoided. Sometimes, there might be additional costs involved.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment in Philippine Peso (cash, check) and US Dollar cash. You may deposit to our bank accounts or pay in our office.

When do I make the full payment?

We will advise you ahead of time on the payment schedules.

After my full payment, when will I get my airline tickets?

We always do a pre-departure briefing for scheduled group departures before our groups depart. We will be handling your travel documents during the pre-departure briefing. The pre-departure briefing doesn't apply to individual booking or guaranteed departures.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment in Philippine Peso (cash, check) and US Dollar cash. You may deposit to our bank accounts or pay in our office.

Do you provide customized trips?

Yes. We have been providing customized trips (i.e. tours, MICE, special arrangements) to countless clients since we started.